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Meeting of the Poznan Group

At the beginning of 1996 Polish Fulbrighters from Poznan formed a seminary group aimed at the exchange of their experience acquired while in the U.S. as well as at to help Americans visiting Poland under the Fulbright Program. The group got together for the first time in spring 1996. The second meeting was held on October 10th 1996 at Poznan Academy of Agriculture.

During over two hours of brain storming, Fulbrighters discussed the problems of professional promotion, scientific staff rotation and rising funds for the research. Except of the State Committee for Scientific Research, another source of money was pointed - Polish industry which has been recovering and getting reach.

Janusz Tyszko from Adam Mickiewicz University proposed to arrange an exhibition of artifacts and gadgets brought by grantees from their stay. The exhibition is scheduled for 1997.

Attendees of the meeting expressed their will of more frequent events on regular basis. They considered such meetings as the starting point for any further activity and the crucial condition of Association's existence. The person responsible for the next get together of the Poznan group was appointed Mr. Lodygowski from the Poznan Politechnics. Moreover, everybody made a pledge to bring other acquainted Fulbrighter for the next seminary.